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Staging Services

Sell your home fast, and sell your home for what it's worth, by securing it's equity with A Model Suite professional Home Staging services.

We help ensure that any money spent yields a significant return for you. We concentrate on all areas of a home that need to be addressed: cleanliness, furniture placement, accessories, repairs, inside and out, and of course curb appeal. Then we bring a plan and schedule to the table that gets the job done. We walk you through every step of the transformation process to prepare you, your family, and your house. This helps take the stress out of the already stressful situation of moving.

Our professional Home Transformation services include:

Transformation Consultation

Our comprehensive Transformation Consultation takes about 1.5 hours to complete to ensure that nothing is missed. During the consultation, we make notes to provide you with all-inclusive advice on how your home can best be presented for selling purposes. The advice includes details on paint colour, furniture placement and accessorizing, decluttering, cleaning, and minor repairs.

We will also provide you with a handbook that contains a step-by-step overview of the current condition of your house including recommendations on how to maximize the sale potential of your home.

Fee: Complete Transformation Consultation $250.

Full Service Staging

A complete Staging starts at the curb in front of your home. The home is assessed from every angle: the view from the street, every room in your home, the patio, the yard, even the closets! We can perform anything from complete Staging to Staging just one or two rooms.

Fee: Transformation Consultation $250, plus $100 per hour, approx. 3 hours per room, furniture rental and external contractors to be quoted.

Curb Appeal

First impressions start from the moment a potential buyer walks up to your home. You want to attract the interest of the home buyer from the first moment they drive up to your house. We assess the view from the street objectively and advise you on what to change to encourage the potential home buyer to walk in your door.

Fee: $100 per hour plus flowers, furniture rental, etc.

Staging of Lived-In Properties Using Client Belongings

Fee: Transformation Consultation $250, plus $100 per hour, approx. 3 hours per room, furniture rental and external contractors to be quoted.    

Staging of Lived-In Properties Using New Accessories

We Stage your home using the furniture and accessories you currently own and adding as many accessories as are required to achieve the desired effect. We work with your current style to obtain complimentary accessories that you can take on to your new home.

Fee: Transformation Consultation $250, plus $100 per hour, approx. 3 hours per room, furniture rental and external contractors to be quoted.   

Vacant Home Staging

A vacant home for sale can be Staged using rental furniture and accessories to furnish your entire home, or just to provide "vignettes" inspiring the buyer to imagine how they would enjoy living in the home and using the space.

Fee: $100 per hour plus furniture rental   

Other Real Estate Services Offered

  • Open House Staging
  • One Day Decorating
  • Luxury Home and Condo Staging
  • Vacant Property Staging
  • Staging for Seniors
  • Large Inventory of Staging accessories and rental furniture
  • Home and Room ReDesign Service
  • New Home Owner move-in decorating
  • Staging for Special Events such as Celebrations, Parties and Weddings
  • Shopping Service
  • Rental of Items - furniture, accessories, and décor for Staging

Terms and Conditions

  • A flat rate applies for consultation services.
  • 50% deposit due 1 week before Staging starts - balance due on Staging day.
  • Home Staging Services are to be fully paid at the time of service.
  • A non-refundable deposit is required for shopping services.
  • The fee quoted depends on the number of rooms required to be Staged, the square footage of the home and property, rental furniture and accessories, and whatever work needs to take place.
  • A detailed invoice is provided for all services.