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Rental Property Sales
and Marketing Managers

PROPERTY SALES AND MARKETING MANAGERS - you are always aiming to improve upon your marketing investment. Distinguish your buildings from the competition. Why post photos of empty or badly decorated suites in your marketing materials?

We understand you want your location to be sought after and desirable. You want to uphold a professional image in the community. And, most importantly, you are constantly striving for those magic words; "Fully Occupied."

A Model Suite Real Estate Staging & Design has created a package specifically designed to energize your marketing efforts.

We will conduct a Staging analysis of an open suite and provide for you:
  • A professional design scheme for showcasing the suite, taking into account your target rental demographics.
  • Deliver, set up, and showcase all the staging materials in the location.
  • Photograph the location for use in all your marketing initiatives including the Internet, rental magazines, and newspapers.
  • Remove said materials quickly enabling the suite to be rented out.
  • Provide you with the digital files of the showcased location photos.

The End Result - a package of the marketing building blocks needed to make your building stand out from the competition.

At the end of the process, you will have photos of the best imaginable version of your suite to use in all your marketing efforts. Potential renters will not only be able to see themselves in your location, they will be wondering how soon they can move in.

A Model Suite has created a style and business all their own, concentrating on giving clients some of the best customer service and results in the industry. Scott and A Model Suite's work have been featured everywhere from HGTV, to Toronto Life, to Todays Parent Magazine.

*Suites include: one (1) living room, one (1) bedroom, one (1) dining area, one (1) bathroom, one (1) kitchen. [Same suite]